Investment properties are properties bought with the intention of earning a return via rental income, future resale or both. These can be long-term commitments, like rental properties or short-term endeavours such as in a flip.

Residential Investment Properties

 Owning a residential property that you would rent out & receive a rental income is one of the most common forms of real estate investing. Properties with 4 or fewer living units are considered residential.  Typically, Investment Properties are not used as the investor’s primary residence. However, If you are living in one of the units, the property is then deemed owner-occupied and your down payment will be lower.

 Commercial Investment Properties

Properties featuring 5 or more residential units are considered commercial. Commercial properties may hold businesses or a mix of residential and business suites. While the costs of maintaining these types of properties may be higher, those costs are usually offset by the higher income they generate. 

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  • Establish the pros and cons of owning a rental property.
  • Decide if you will hold onto the property for the long-term.