When preparing to purchase a home, it is important to assemble your team of professionals to help guide you through the process.  Here is a list of professions you may want on your team;

Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is a licensed and regulated professional who works as a middleman between you and potential mortgage lenders.  The mortgage brokers job is to work on your behalf to find interest rates and mortgage products that fit your needs and financial profile.

A mortgage broker helps you navigate the process of acquiring a mortgage.


Real Estate Agent

When purchasing a home, a real estate agent works on your behalf to help you find a home and negotiates the purchase contract with the seller's real estate agent.

A real estate agents helps you navigate the process of finding and purchasing a home.


Home Inspector

A home inspector will perform a visual inspection of the home you wish to purchase.  They are professionally trained to catch 'red-flags' which may indicate serious and expensive issues with the home.

A home inspector helps you navigate the process of determining the qualify of the home.



A lawyer performs many tasks.  They help you understand the cost and taxes associated with the purchase.  They perform searches on the property to ensure everything is in order and as advertised.  They register ownership and the mortgage, but most importantly, they help you understand the legal jargon associated with purchase contracts.

A lawyer helps you navigate the process of registering ownership on the property.